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Lifestyle and Benefits

In the ADF you'll enjoy a rich and rewarding blend of career and lifestyle opportunities, plus fulfilling, well-paid work, job security and numerous benefits.

discover life discover life
Discover what life in the ADF is like

Life in the ADF is unique in all the right ways. Where else can you experience adventure, keep fit, and make lifelong friends while you see the world? Looking for an incredible career and work-life balance?
Take a closer look.

salary benefits salary benefits
See how the salary & benefits stack up

Earn a competitive salary while training or learning your trade, with benefits you won’t see anywhere else. 16.4% superannuation. Free medical and dental. Paid training.
Assistance in renting and purchasing a home.
And that’s just the beginning.

invest in career invest in career
We’ll invest in your career

Gain highly sought-after skills, nationally recognised qualifications, learn a trade, and get paid to do it all. There are hundreds of roles and endless career paths you can choose from in the ADF.

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Become a leader faster in the ADF

As an officer in the Australian Defence Force you'll gain highly sought-after management and leadership skills that will benefit your whole career.

Unlock your potential

We’ve made it easy to find the right career path to suit you and your lifestyle. Set yourself up for success and discover your path with our Career Match quiz.

Stories of success

Hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander personnel about why they joined, what they love about working in the ADF and how their family supported them.

Tara, modern warrior

“To be a part of the next generation of modern warriors fills me with pride.”

Keegan, mentor

“It’s a very rewarding job, I get to go out and mentor Indigenous kids.”

Brian, reservist & father

“It’s such an inclusive environment... No one treats you any different.”

Jorde, leader

“I see myself being a leader amongst my crew... a leader amongst my people.”

Natalie, role model

“I’ve learnt how to push myself to the limits and do things I never thought I could do.”

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